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So if you’ve read my Essential Luxuries post, you’ll know I mentioned the company Whisbear. We were introduced to Whisbear from some friends we met on Instagram when Rory was a few months old. We have honestly never looked back since!

As an expectant parent, one of the main things you worry about (well I certainly did, and still do now!) is how each night is going to go. Everyone loves their sleep and it’s a big shock to the system when your routine is affected. You spend hours researching the best gadgets, apps, self-help books, anything to help you and your baby get the well deserved rest we all need. I have no doubt in thinking you’ve heard of white noise to help soothe babies to sleep, but have you heard of pink noise? I hadn’t either - until I was introduced to Whisbear.

So basically, pink noise is a variation of white noise. A lot of people find white noise quite harsh, whereas pink noise has reduced higher frequencies. It resembles more natural noises, such as rainfall or wind, which in turn are more soothing. Studies have even proven that sleeping with pink noise can improve memories, which is incredibly handy with baby brain!

Rory has all 3 products in the Whisbear range (what a lucky boy!) so below is an outline of each product’s features with our experience of using it. Hopefully this post is helpful so that you can choose the best product for you! All products can be bought directly from the Whisbear website, with free delivery!

Whisbear - The Humming Bear (£49.99) (gifted)

So the Whisbear is actually the newest addition to our household. As you can see, the bear is super cute! He is really soft, and you can choose the colour of his leg to be pink, yellow or blue. Each leg and ear is made from a different material so is a great sensory toy, with different colours and sounds. He doubles up as a great teddy before you even start! His legs are magnetic so you can attach him to your baby’s cot, Moses basket, car seat or pram! Just be sure you have checked his legs have joined together though, we almost lost him on a trip out because I hadn’t attached him to the pram properly!

So the important bit - the pink noise emitter! This is a small device which just slots inside the Whisbear. You need 3 AAA batteries for it to work, and you will need a screwdriver to open it up. This feature can be a bit of a pain if you have to charge batteries at 2am, but I appreciate the need for it to make it safer so that your baby can still play with it. You just press the button to turn it on and it will run for 40 minutes, eventually fading out. Plenty of time for your little one to settle off to sleep. It then automatically puts it into Standby mode. It analyses the noise around and if it hears your baby crying, it’ll turn itself on automatically for 20 minutes! This function is great, and has saved us many trips into Rory’s room! You can also adjust the volume of the noise too, just by holding the button on the emitter down. This function is great for when you’re out in public!

Because we have E-zzy the sloth (you’ll learn about him a bit later on), we have not needed to use the Whisbear at night in Rory’s room. We do however keep it with us on journeys in the car because it’s so easy to turn on and help soothe him. I know for a fact that once I go back to work and he spends his days with his two Nannies, the Whisbear will defintely be going everywhere Rory goes. That’s what’s so great about the Whisbear. Because it’s battery powered, it’s portable and you can take it everywhere with you!

Whisbird - The Soothing Bird (£29.99) (present from a friend)

So Whisbird was the first member of the Whisbear family to join our house and is the perfect travel companion! With the press stud loop, it is easily transportable and you know it’ll stay safe hung on your baby’s pram, car seat, wherever you wish! Similarly to the Whisbear, Whisbird doubles up as a great sensory toy, and is available in 4 different colours. Whisbird is also machine washable which is great for when they get a bit mucky on outings!

Again, this just needs 3 AAA for the actual device to work, and also needs a screwdriver to open it. It emits exactly the same noise as the Whisbear, and has the same working instructions too. Just press it to turn it on or off, or hold down the button to adjust the volume. The Whisbird runs for 40 minutes and fades out exactly the same. The only difference here is that it does not have the Cry Sensor function. This is why Whisbird is perfect for when you’re on the go as you can quickly turn it on, with hopefully minimal disruption to your baby’s sleep!

Rory’s Whisbird is permanently attached to his pram. It means that wherever we are, I know that I can settle Rory when it’s time for him to sleep. If I forget it, I just have to pray that he can settle himself off to sleep! This product would also be great if your little one consistently sleeps through, but just needs that initial soothing to sleep at bedtime.

E-zzy The Sloth (£99.99) (purchased)

In all honesty, E-zzy should have his own blog post just to show you all of the amazing features he has! I’ve tried my best to condense it down, but without compromising on showing you its potential!

So, let’s take everything that the Whisbear can do - the sensory toy, the magnetic legs, the Cry Sensor. E-zzy can do that plus so much more! You can turn the device on by hand, but it is predominantly controlled using its app.

E-zzy the sloth also uses 3 AAA batteries, but these must be rechargeable. This is because it’s actually charged using a micro USB cable. We’ve gone away for the night and taken E-zzy and his battery has lasted us, but we do put it on charge every day. It’s battery life obviously depends on how long you set it to be on for, and how many times it has to be activated. In the grand scheme of things, a cable isn’t much to add to your packing if you are going away. Personally, if I was going away for the night, I’d still choose to take E-zzy over the Whisbear, mainly due to the features on the app, and the fact you won’t have to worry about having to change the batteries if it runs out.

So in terms of the noise, on the app you can actually choose how long you want it to hum for (there are different time intervals between 15 and 90 minutes), but also what type of noise you want it to emit. You can have pink noise, white noise, or ocean sounds. Because we know that pink noise works with Rory, we’ve not tried the other options, but it’s great to have that flexibility to use what works best for your baby. You can adjust the volume via the app, and also turn on and off the cry sensor. In addition to this, you can adjust the length of the Standby mode for the Cry Sensor, but also the sensitivity of it. So for example if you were out in public using E-zzy, you can turn the sensitivity right up, ensuring it hears your baby. Your phone will also receive a Cry alert when E-zzy is activated - this is a great feature if you’re downstairs whilst your baby sleeps upstairs. I’m sure most of you won’t believe me, but as I wrote that sentence, Rory stirred enough to turn E-zzy on and I got one of those notifications!

Another great function of the Cry Sensor is the scheduled starts. Quite often, your baby gets into a pattern of waking up, for no particular reason. When we bought E-zzy, Rory hadn’t been taking a bottle in the night for a while, but was still waking up at certain times. We have it set to turn itself on at particular intervals throughout the night, even if he’s fast asleep and trust me when I say it works! The first night we tried it, he didn’t wake up at all, despite waking up consistently at those times - it was magical! The app also collates its own set of statistics, breaking down how often E-zzy is activated both by the control, and by the Cry Sensor. This is a great feature if like me you’re a bit weird and enjoy analysing data!

In addition to all of this, there are also features on the app where you can input any milestones your baby has reached (such as sitting up, crawling etc.) so you can look back on it in years to come. As if there weren’t already enough great features, there are also plenty of short articles suited to your child’s current age to help you along with your parenting journey. There are tips on teething, sleep, keeping your children stimulated, and many more. Finally, you can use it as a calendar to keep track of any appointments you have for your little ones.

As with any product which uses technology, you have to expect a few teething problems. We bought E-zzy when it was a very new product to market, and there are times when the device plays on loop, or the app forgets your preferred settings. In my opinion, this doesn’t bother me too much as you can have issues with all apps - I mean the world came to a halt when Instagram went down for the evening! Plus, the team are always asking for feedback, and are keen to rectify any problems we have had so far, however small. That’s another thing I can confirm too. The staff who we have been in contact with have been wonderful - they’re such lovely people and are so passionate about their product.

Thank you to Whisbear for making these amazing products. We genuinely couldn’t live without them any more - they’ve changed our lives!


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