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We want to book a holiday…

So it’s the start of a new year, with plenty to look forward to as a family. Birthdays, anniversaries, school holidays…school holidays is where we get stuck, can you help us solve our problem?

Since we have been together, we know we have been spoilt with holidays. Florida twice, Barbados, Mexico and of course Disneyland Paris twice. But it has left us a bit lost this year. With plenty of school holidays for us to go away, we have no idea what to do or where to go. We have got to the point of looking where we both get really frustrated with it, leading to iPads being thrown onto the sofa, followed by I CAN’T BE ARSED TO LOOK ANYMORE! Or we get so tired looking for hours on end, we both have the idea to go and carry on looking in bed, but by the time we have got up there neither of us can be arsed to look again.

Funnily enough though, we have the same issue when it comes to making any decisions, things like food, takeaways, restaurants, dinner, breakfast…pretty much always food! So we could really do with some ideas of either where to go or what to do.

We are in a very fortunate position that we get so much time off together working in education, unlike other couples who have to book time off together. So as we don’t request that time off, we sometimes don’t feel like we HAVE to go away. But at the same time, we know it's the only time we do get to go away. We have invested in Zoo passes again this year, Merlin passes and we are looking at getting National Trust membership to go along with them. Hopefully these passes will encourage us to get up and go! So if you are trying to think of ideas for us then hopefully there is a place to start.

So here is what we are after - a little break away, for 3/4 nights as a family of 3, to somewhere in the UK. With things to do as a family, places to go, nice walks and some nice places to eat. Is that too much to ask? It can be a holiday park, lodge, caravan, hotel, we really aren’t too fussy, we just can’t find one that we love and really hope someone reading this will have some suggestions.

I hope you don’t mind helping us out and we will also be happy to share any ideas if anyone is stuck in the same situation we are! You can leave your suggestions in the comments below, or you can drop us a DM on either of our instagrams. I can’t wait to hear of all these amazing places that we will be able to go to, I just hope that we actually manage to make a decision before its too late!


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