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The Road to Disney 2022

So we have made the decision to go back to Disney in 2022. Now I know that seems a long way off, but when we discuss it, it's only around the corner. We have weighed up doing other holidays as a family, but to us nothing compares to Walt Disney World.

Why 2022?

We have debts to pay, money to save and who knows…maybe even have another child with us to take?! This is not a pregnancy announcement! It means we will be booking this time next year to make sure we get the Disney dining plan! This is going on our previous experience when we have booked, but with the world being turned upside down right now, we'll have to see!

Why are we telling you this now?

Well, between now and then I want to share as much of our Disney holiday knowledge with you as possible. This could take 2 years anyway so hopefully when it comes to the holiday we will all be fully caught up. This will include everything from food, rides, trips, shopping, food, travel, character meets, and of course food.

So hopefully you will enjoy it and watch this space for more Disney obsessed blogs!

Mommy Davies x


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