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The New Normal...

So since being off we have found ourselves with a whole new routine, obviously! With us both mainly working from home, there is no morning commute, a range of breakfast and lunch choices and plenty of time with Rory.

Let me talk you through a typical day in the Davies house during lockdown.

8:15/8:30am - Rory is waking up, which came from nowhere, he was previously getting up at 6:15 so no idea where this came from. But I am NOT complaining about it!

9:00am-ish - We head downstairs, start thinking about breakfast and Rory smashes his morning milk.

9:30am-ish - breakfast and the playing begins.

10:00am-ish - This is where things start to get tricky, 2 parents working from home. So we have to take it in turns, discuss to do lists and let each other get the urgent stuff done. Luckily Rory can be pretty independent with his play which makes this a little easier.

12:00pm-ish - Lunchtime, usually prepared by yours truly.

1:00pm-ish - Rory has his nap, which used to be at 10:30am. But we are so happy it’s moved to the afternoon, makes way more sense! We then use this time to crack on with as much work as possible.

3:00pm-ish - We have to wake Rory up, he has been getting so worn out with all the playing, he has been napping HARD.

3:30pm-ish - Daily exercise time, we usually head out for a walk and get some fresh air. But if we aren’t heading out for a walk we will more than likely be in the garden.

5:00pm-ish - Dinner prep starts, depending what we are having, it could be me or Whit cooking. I have to admit she is better at cooking Gousto than I am, maybe because I find it hard to follow instructions?

6:00pm-ish - Dinner time.

6:30pm-ish - Head upstairs, playtime with Rory, bathtime, storytime, chill out.

7:30pm-ish - Rory goes to bed and that’s when we will get showers/baths, maybe relax or finish off some work we couldn’t get done in the day.

If you noticed, every time was ish, it's never set in stone, but it happens in that order. It has worked so well for us and it just happened. We didn’t have to plan this routine, but we are happy with how it’s turned out.

We have no idea how long this new normal is going to last. But this new normal is something I can get on board with. But I would say that it is so much easier if you can establish some kind of routine. It doesn’t have to be to the extent of ours, but EVERYONE likes some kind of routine. Even if you don’t think you have a routine, there will be some structure in there somewhere…think about it. If you want any support with establishing or discussing a routine in your house hold, then leave us a message on here or through my instagram.


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