• Daddy Davies

Reassured & No Judgement

Do you ever wonder if you should be allowed to have certain feelings?

Let me explain…

Are you ever in a day to day situation, have a specific feeling towards it, but then wonder if it’s actually ok to have that feeling? Well, if I haven’t confused you enough to carry on online shopping, here are my examples. *PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME*

As a parent, the dream is to have a child who sleeps through the night, lets you have a lie in and then has a great day. Now Rory is by no means a bad sleeper, but if he ever wakes up a lot in the night, or really early, I get really ANNOYED. I know this isn’t fair because there are so many children that are not good sleepers and we are lucky.

Rory loves swimming, paddling, all things water. But what is really FRUSTRATING is that I can’t get a paddling pool out in the garden properly because our garden is on a slope. I get pretty frustrated that Rory can only have half a paddling pool full of water, but then I have to stop myself, some people don’t even have a garden. I know we are lucky to have a garden in the first place.

Everyone has been in lockdown (ish), and over that time, Rory turned 2. We had so many plans for his birthday, a party at home, his first birthday party at a soft play, loads of times with family, just all round exciting birthday fun. I felt so UPSET and ANGRY that we couldn’t do those things, but realistically, we are lucky at the fact we are healthy and got to celebrate as a family of 3, safe at home.

What I’m trying to say is, everyone has these feelings and it’s ok to have these feelings. It is what makes us human. I have spoken to so many people about these types of things and I felt so reassured when they told me it was ok.

But what I would really love is to hear your examples, use this as a time to offload and not to be judged about having these feelings.


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