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Our Wedding Day - The Outtakes

So as you know, in light of our 3rd wedding anniversary coming up this week, I wanted to write a couple of blog posts around our special day. It truly was one of the best days of both of our lives (on par with Rory being born of course) and despite a lot of it being a blur for me, I just get a warm fuzzy feeling anyone mentions getting married because it was such a special day for us. I will write a post detailing the day a bit more, but thought it would be a funny idea to tell you a couple of the stories which are well remembered, for being highlights of the day due to their humorous nature!

The Wedding Date

This one started right back at the beginning of wedding planning. Luke and I got engaged on 1st August 2015, and by the time I'd gone back to school a month later, the venue had been booked and my dress had been ordered. We weren't fussed on a specific date, but we did know that we wanted to make the most of the weekday discounts (!) so the only condition was was it had to be during the school holidays on a weekday. We instantly fell in love with our venue Pendrell Hall, and knew from the second we walked in that this was going to be the place we'd get married. Now with an exclusive wedding venue like this, you can basically get married there 365 days a year. However, there wasn't a single school holiday date available in 2016. Yes - every single day of the six weeks holidays was already booked up! The earliest available date was Monday 20th February 2017 - now those of you who know us, know that that was our wedding date, but it almost didn't happen! We were getting ready to pencil in the date in their diary, when Luke said that he thought that his half term was a different date. We came home without securing a date and I remember crying in the car because I couldn't believe we'd found our dream venue and couldn't book a date. Frantically, Luke kept checking the dates over and over again in the car, when he suddenly said - 'I think I've made a mistake, it is my half term.' I screamed and made him phone the venue back to secure the date!

The Rings

Now this one's on me! Part of our exclusive package at Pendrell Hall meant that we could book their onsite accommodation the night before the wedding as long as the wedding the day before hadn't already booked it out. Luckily for us they hadn't, so we had two wonderful cottages for the night before the wedding where both sets of parents and the wedding party stayed with us. It extended the celebrations that little bit more and meant the morning of the wedding was much more relaxed. Conveniently also, right next to the venue was a golf course, with another few good courses (apparently) locally. We had to drop off all of the decorations and alcohol (no corkage venue!) the morning before, so Luke and his best man drove over early that morning, dropped the stuff off and went to play golf. I was in charge of bringing everything else over in the afternoon, including the rings. Now I love a list, and get very obsessive when it comes to checking that I have everything that I need so I have no idea how this was overlooked! I packed the car and headed over to the venue, knowing that next time I returned home, I'd be married! We settled into the cottages and were enjoying a drink with the family, when my mom turned round and said 'You haven't forgotten the rings have you? Wouldn't that be funny!' Well I stood dead in my tracks, and yet again burst into tears! I was too scared to take them out of our safe at home until the very last minute but it turns out I didn't even do that! So sobbing down the phone, I had to call my Grandpa who came to the rescue! Luckily he didn't have to break into our house or the safe to get them, and he brought them over on the morning of the wedding. Word soon got out about my slip up - I mean how can you get married without rings? It's almost as bad as forgetting the dress! If you listen closely to our wedding video, you'll hear Jack (Luke's brother and best man) say 'Thanks, Keith' when he passes the rings to Luke, and now we chuckle every time we watch it!


Nala is our gorgeous dog, who we got a year before our wedding as an early wedding gift (long story, but I'll tell it you if you want to know!) For the couple of days during the wedding, Nala was staying at one of our neighbour's houses. The same morning before the wedding, when the boys were loading the car, as you can imagine the house was a bit like New Street Station. Doors left open, people coming in and out with their hands full. The boys were just getting ready to leave, and I suddenly realised I couldn't find Nala. We looked all over the house and couldn't find her so we all started running up and down the street looking for her. This was a big deal as she wasn't one to run off and her recall was really good. We really started to panic, and went to call for some help. We went to our neighbour's house where she was going to be staying, where we found her, sitting patiently at their side door waiting to go in! She knew exactly where she was going, she was just a little early going for her sleepover!

The Speech

Luke had a bit of pressure on him when it came to his speech. He was quietly confident, but with his drama background and very outgoing personality, the pressure certainly started to mount. He'd written an amazing speech and I love listening back to it on our wedding video. He talks about how he messed things up and it didn't go the way he planned, but when I read back his speech, he'd barely missed a word - except for one. We'd had the thank yous, the emotional tributes to family members, and those lovely words every new bride wants to hear. What she doesn't want to hear however, is during his final words of his speech, Luke say 'I'd like you all to raise a glass to my beautiful wife, Miss Whitney Woodings!'. Now any other day of the week, I'd have been flattered, but considering I'd now taken his name as 'Mrs Davies' it didn't quite make sense! Everyone laughed it off and still raised their glasses. The funny thing is, 3 years down the line I'm still being called Miss Woodings at work, so I suppose I should let him off!

Being Sent To Bed By Your Mother

The week before our wedding I was really poorly. I had to take 3 days off work with laryngitis and bronchitis and was on a strict diet of painkillers, honey and lemon. On the day of our wedding I was still dosing myself up and spent the majority of the ceremony trying to hold in my coughing! By 11:30, I was so exhausted that I decided I wanted to go to bed. I spoke to Luke and told him to stay down until the last song. My mom took me up to get out of my dress, and with the amount of pins in my hair I knew I'd be a while anyway! I'd barely got to our room, when Luke came in. He'd been sent to bed by his own mom before the last song! Now I obviously wasn't there to hear what she said but apparently she stormed over to him, took his drink out of his hand and told him he should be upstairs looking after his wife rather than partying downstairs! Being summoned to his bedroom on his wedding night - how funny! Surprisingly, he hasn't been much of a party boy since!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our few comedy moments of our wedding! I'm still planning on writing another couple of wedding blogs this week so please let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to read!

Mommy Davies x


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