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Our Wedding Day Story

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary. It sounds so cliché but it has genuinely flown by and Luke and I have both achieved so much in that short space of time. I wanted to write the story of our day to share with you. I'm bound to miss out details, but I'm really enjoying writing about what was such a special day in our lives that I think I'm going to write a few more wedding posts, meaning I'm sure I'll end up covering anything I've missed! Likewise, if there's anything you want to know, I'm always happy to message you or you may give me an idea for a future post! I've not included any pictures in this post as I put lots in the one our photographer wrote for us, but if you'd like to see any particular photos, please let me know!

Monday 20th February 2017. The first day of half term. A day that we had been waiting for since getting engaged on 1st August 2015 and spent the last 19 months planning for. We got married at Pendrell Hall, which is an exclusive use wedding venue in Staffordshire. We stayed in the cottages the night before the wedding meaning that we could get ready all in one place and didn't have to worry about paying for cars either!

I had 3 bridesmaids, my cousin Lulu, my best friend from university Natalie, and my sister-in-law Leah. Luke had his brother Jack as best man, then my brother Lewis and Luke's best friend Joe as ushers. The men in the family all went to play a round of golf the morning of the wedding at the course which was directly opposite the venue. My best friend from school Claire did our hair with her wonderful assistant Hannah, and Rebecca, one of my cousins was our make up artist! Preparations for us girls started at 8am. The exclusive use of the venue doesn't start until 10:30am on the day of your wedding so we started getting ready in the cottages before we could access the bridal preparation suite. Unfortunately for Luke, they now have a similar area for the men to get ready too! Luke had requested he pop up to the suite before we could go in, and he filled the room with lots of goodies to keep us going, and had created a playlist of all his own choices of music which was a really sweet idea!

The morning flew by. I'd been quite poorly the week before the wedding and was still recovering, so looking back I think I spent most of the morning hugging a cup of hot lemon and honey, and just wandering around in a bit of a daze! I was just really excited to see Luke and 1:30 couldn't come quick enough! We had a lovely morning getting ready and it was really relaxed. Then the final 45 minutes was a real rush. Not only did I have to get dressed and put my jewellery on, but we needed to take all of the photos and I also needed to have the 'interview' before going down into the ceremony room. I was told that in the end I was 6 minutes late. For a bride, that's much earlier than most, but for someone who's a stickler for time that bugged me!

I walked into the ceremony room clutching my Dad's arm, and as soon as I saw Luke, I just melted. I wanted to keep it together but I was so emotional that my throat went tight and my eyes welled up! When I got to the front of the aisle, my Mom handed me a tissue which I held onto for the entire ceremony, and tried really hard not to have a coughing fit! I was lucky and succeeded. As I made it to Luke, he took my hand and said 'You look good.' Good?! I could have hit him! I'd like to think I looked more than good! But he brought it up in his speech and said it was because he knew it'd make me laugh. I still wind him up about it now because he can never say that I look anything more than 'nice'! We had a wonderful reading by my two cousins, said our vows, and before I knew it we were walking back up the aisle as Mr and Mrs Davies! We had over 100 guests to the day (large families!) so we decided not to do a receiving line, although our wedding party did a good job for us!

We were whisked away into a side room just to have 15 minutes to have a drink and process it all. It was probably the best time of the day. We just smiled and laughed and enjoyed the beautiful venue just us. We were so incredibly lucky that it was 14 degrees and sunny for February so got some gorgeous photos outside. The weather's slightly different today! To save my shoes from sinking into the ground, my photographer suggested I bring my Ugg boots for the photos and what a genius idea that was! We had already planned what photos we wanted taking, which helped speed up the process. We had a good range of traditional and modern photos to keep!

Now there was no way on this planet that I was going to have anything other than a Disney wedding, but we wanted to be subtle with it and not tacky. During the ceremony, the reading was based upon lyrics and quotes from Disney films, and there were subtle hints, such as the Mickey heads sewn into our wedding flowers. However, when we headed into the ballroom for the wedding breakfast, there were hints of Disney around every corner! We had a wedding cake which had screenshots from Disney films on it, and each table was dedicated to a different Disney film, each having a vase filled with objects from the film such as a red apple on the Snow White table.

We had an amazing 3 course meal, with a twist in the main course! The menus stated that we were having roast pork. What it didn't state was that each table would have a dedicated carver (chosen by us) to serve the meals! We decided it would be a nice touch to have personalised aprons made. It was a fantastic twist and people still talk about it today! As expected, the speeches were equally emotional and entertaining, with Luke's dad 'welcoming me to the Family' along with all the other males in the family wearing sunglasses (something about the Godfather which I didn't quite get at the time!) and Jack's best man speech full of Disney quotes and songs!

Between the wedding breakfast and evening guests arriving, I decided to take half an hour out with my girls. I went up to our suite, took my contacts out and had a sit down, dosing back up with more honey and lemon and some painkillers ready for round two! Our photographer snuck up with us and got some silly shots of me in the bath in my dress with my glasses on, and they're slowly becoming some of my favourite photos of the day! I wear my glasses all the time so it was nice to get one or two photos of me in them.

The evening was in full swing by the time I came back downstairs and it was time to cut the cake and have our first dance. We'd actually decided on 3 first dances! Our first dance was 'Over and over again' by Nathan Sykes, a traditional first dance. People were expecting a full blown West End performance from us so we called their bluff! Then we wanted a track to get everyone on the dance floor, so had 'Shut up and dance with me' by Walk The Moon. The third first dance was 'Marry you' by Bruno Mars. This one had special memories behind it because when we went to Disneyland Paris just a couple of months before with my dance school, the whole school surprised me with a flash mob! We recreated that moment and performed it for all of our guests along with my girls from dancing!

The rest of the evening went by in a bit of a blur of dancing, having more photos taken, and just enjoying everyone's company. I didn't even have any of the evening food but apparently it was really nice! It got to about 11:30pm and I was really starting to flag at this point. I was amazed I'd lasted so long after being so ill. With it being a Monday wedding, lots of guests had already head home, or off to bed so I decided to make a move too. Go check out my 'Our Wedding Day - The Outtakes' blog post because a rather funny story follows this!

The next morning, we joined all of our guests who stayed over for a delicious breakfast which was a really nice way to end our special day. Everyone was happy and talking about what a good time they had, or they were sat quietly in the corner nursing a hangover! Before we knew it, the cars were packed up and we were heading back home, to repack the car and head off on our little mini-moon we had booked!

We absolutely adored our wedding venue, and it provided us with many qualities and special extras which really enhanced our day. The one downside to it, is that with it being an exclusive wedding venue, you can't go back to celebrate and have an anniversary meal like you would in a hotel for example. Our friends got married later that year at Pendrell Hall so it was lovely to go back again, but we never will get to go back again unless we get invited to a wedding there. Maybe we'll have to renew our vows in a few years time! However, there's something really special about us not being able to go back - we just have to relive our little bubble through all of our photo and video memories!

I hope you enjoyed my little retelling of our wedding day! I found it hard to know what direction to take this post, but whilst writing it, I've had the inspiration for at least 1 or 2 other blogs related to our wedding so watch out!

Mommy Davies x


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