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My Pregnancy Journey

9 months is a long time to write about so I’ve just condensed it down as much as possible to some of the key things that I can still clearly remember! I hope you enjoy reading about my pregnancy journey!

14th August 2017 – the day we found out we were going to be parents! Let’s just provide you with a bit of context. So, we had got married in the February, and went on our honeymoon in the April. In the meantime, we had bought a brand new house which would be ready the end of August. A pretty crazy start to 2017 if you ask me! At risk of losing the sale on our house, we were advised to move out just before, meaning Luke and I were going to be moving back in with my parents for a few weeks. We both had short breaks booked away, so we knew we weren’t going to be under each other’s feet much!

We returned from our holiday on the Friday, as my parents were going away on the Monday. That weekend, I knew that I was pregnant. So as soon as I’d waved Mom and Dad off, I rushed to Asda to buy the pregnancy test, in the hope I wouldn’t see anyone! The wait for Luke to get home from work was agonising, but I couldn’t do it without him. He decided to wait downstairs whilst I did the test. I put them on the side, knowing full well they already said I was pregnant, but I waited for the 3 minutes before I called Luke up to look. I made him check, and his words were “of course we are!”.

It’s a funny feeling, finding out you’re pregnant. We knew we wanted to have children, and we had been trying (not too hard, mind!) but we just never expected it to happen so quickly. We are incredibly fortunate in that instance. A few happy tears and cuddles, then just a case of thinking ‘now what?’. You feel like you should be celebrating, but how? It’s still incredibly early doors, you have no idea how pregnant you actually are, but you also can’t shout it on the rooftops!

I have to say, on reflection, pregnancy was such a good time in my life. I was so healthy, suffered no morning sickness, caught no illnesses through the winter, and seemed to wear that pregnancy glow which people talk about. I didn’t see it to be honest. At about 6/7 weeks pregnant, the exhaustion hit. Luckily it was the middle of the summer holidays, so I could get away with not doing much, but I knew that Mom knew something was up. She’d always joked about, saying “hurry up and get pregnant, I want a grandchild”, but suddenly that stopped. At about the same time, nausea hit hard for about a week or so. When I turned down a Costa and a Nando’s, she knew something was up, and when I ran out of the kitchen at the first smell of even one of my favourite meals, I said to Luke we had to tell them. Remember, we were living with them at the time, so I didn’t have anywhere to hide! We’d already booked in for an early scan at 8 weeks. It was our plan to announce it to both parents then, but you can never really plan these things!

So that night, sat at the dinner table, Luke announced it. Totally blunt – “Whitney’s pregnant!”. If I’m honest, the reaction was just as blunt, with my Mom replying “yeah I already knew!”. My Dad was a little shocked, but not entirely because he’d obviously been speaking to my Mom. Anyway, everyone was really happy and that was the main thing. Luke’s parents were a little more emotional (in a good way) about hearing the good news but we waited until they returned home from holiday to tell them.

Our early reassurance scan at Meet Your Miracle was amazing. We paid for the Premium package, which included the early scan, a gender scan, a HD live scan at 30 weeks, a teddy with a sound recording of your baby’s heartbeat, and all the images on a memory stick. It was a really surreal experience, but the staff were lovely, and when I took the image home, my Mom was finally convinced I was pregnant! At all of our scans, both private and NHS, the baby cooperated well and it’s so nice to sit and watch your baby, listening to his heartbeat. I could sit and listen to it all day! When we went back for our gender scan, Luke and I had already discussed things. I was convinced it was a boy, he was sure it was a girl. When the sonographer announced it was a boy, my instant response was “told you so!” to Luke…oops! It wasn’t until that night when we were lay in bed, and Luke turned to me and said “Whit, we’re having a son”, that it finally hit me. That was a pivotal moment when I realised I was really going to be a Mom, and in typical fashion, started sobbing! I was so happy we had a healthy baby that I didn’t care whether it was going to be a girl or a boy. I can’t say I’ll feel the same next time we’re expecting!

Everything then was fine for a while, there would even be times that I’d forget that I was pregnant for a split second! I was dancing as normal every week, and even danced in our annual show at 21 weeks pregnant! Staff at school knew, but I managed to keep it a secret from the children until just before we broke up for Christmas. Like I said, being healthy with no sickness definitely worked in my favour.

If you’re wondering what happened to the house move…well, I could probably write another blog post just about that! We ended up living with my parents until 19thDecember, 4 months longer than we intended on staying. But every cloud has a silver lining, and the money we saved meant I’ve been able to have longer off work to be with our beautiful Rory. Before we knew it, 2018 arrived and we were expecting a baby in a matter of weeks.

Everything until this point had gone swimmingly in my pregnancy. I say everything, everything except when it came to blood tests. This was the only thing I could complain about my service from the NHS. My bloods got lost on more than one occasion, and the wrong tests were carried out on some of them, meaning that I think I ended up having about 8 blood tests throughout my pregnancy, way more than you should have! By the end of it though, my fear of needles disappeared! So yeah, everything was going swimmingly, but at my 31 week check up, the midwife wasn’t happy with the baby’s growth. He’d shot from below the 20thcentile to above the 95thin just 3 weeks – I thought it may have been the over indulgence at Christmas. My Mom had pre-eclampsia with my brother, so I had been on aspirin throughout my pregnancy, but was kept at midwife led. After this appointment, I became consultant led and was sent for growth scans. I was tested for gestational diabetes but that came back negative. It turns out I had a surplus of fluid, otherwise known as polyhydramnios. It’s nothing too serious, but it meant that I may struggle during labour due to baby’s position and that I was advised to have the baby in hospital rather than a midwifery unit.

I went back every 3 weeks for growth scans, but Luke was unable to attend these. So my Mom and grandparents very kindly offered to share the load and come with me. The fluid levels were dropping, but they were concerned about the size of the baby. So at 34 weeks, I was taken into a consultants office with my Mom after she had analysed my scan results. This was probably the scariest part of my pregnancy. The consultant was concerned at how big the baby was already, especially as I was tested negative for gestational diabetes. She felt that it would be highly likely I would struggle to deliver the baby and offered me an elective caesarean section. I had to make the decision there and then, without speaking to Luke about it and I literally just turned to my Mom with my heart thumping, and said “what do I do?!”. I politely declined, saying I would like to try to give birth naturally, but we compromised by agreeing that I would go no more than 5 days overdue, and if required, I would be induced. I came home and after talking it through with Luke, I knew I’d made the right decision.

Like with any pregnancy, the final few weeks dragged by so slowly, and if I’m honest are all a bit of a blur now! A few days after I’d broken up from work, which was also the Easter holidays, I woke up with incredible stomach pains, 2 weeks before my due date. Nothing like I’d known before. So I rang up the hospital and they called me in for observations. A couple of hours later of being poked, prodded and attached to the monitors, I was sent home. They said that it could potentially be my way of saying my body was getting ready to start labour, but only time would tell.

So I’ve decided I’m going to try and give you some top tips surrounding the topic of each of my blogs. Here’s my top tips for pregnancy –

· If you can afford it, go and have an early private scan. The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are the hardest because you’re much more worried about things. It’s an amazing experience but also puts your mind at rest.

· Keep up with any exercise you’re doing. Not only is it great for your mental wellbeing, but it’s great stamina for labour. I danced right up until the week I was due!

· Enjoy pregnancy! For some people this can be hard as they suffer with sickness, but don’t feel like your body has to be a temple for the next 9 months. If you want the cake, have the cake – just don’t over indulge!

My next blog post will be about my birthing story. Brace yourselves it’s another long one, but I promise my other future posts won’t be so long!

Mommy Davies x


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