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Mixed Emotions

Obviously, I'm so incredibly excited to be going back to Florida. It's been 3 years since we last went and I can't wait to go 'home'. Because we know our way around, it really does feel like going home and we can't wait to do some of our favourite things, such as walking down Main Street before the park is fully open, and devouring the endless amount of delicious snacks. This time round, things are going to be very different, for lots of very exciting reasons! Having Rory with us means that our experience is going to be so different from what we're used to, and on the whole I'm still super excited. However, I can't help but feel mixed emotions about seeing Disney through the eyes of a parent. This post just lists some of my feelings about our upcoming trip...only 6 sleeps to go!

What I'm Most Excited For

Now this list is huge, and is far bigger than the things I'm worried about. But I'm only going to give you my top 3 things I'm most excited for!

1. Walking down Main Street with Rory towards Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom. This one's pretty obvious, but as soon as we knew we booked Disney (whilst I was in labour! Hmm maybe that needs its own post!) both Luke and I were so excited about watching our little boy walk down the infamous street. There was a time where we thought he wouldn't quite be walking well enough, but the past 6 weeks have been a very different story. Rory's walking has come on so much and I know it'll be an emotional experience watching him walk in our most favourite place on earth.

2. Meeting Mickey Mouse. Again, probably the most obvious one people will think of. I can guarantee now I'll be an emotional wreck. I used to get a lump in my throat and well up when I was in Disney before having a child, so it was only going to get worse. Rory is fully aware of who Mickey is (he's had some good teaching from his parents!) and smiles whenever he sees him. It's going to be a memory I'll always cherish. You watch now, he'll probably burst into tears and run away from him!

3. Taking Rory on the rides. A huge part of Disney is enjoying the rides. Rory's already shown us he's a bit of a thrill seeker, and loves being thrown around by Luke when they're playing. The lights and sounds are going to be sensory overload at times for him, but I think he'll take it all in his stride. We don't seem to have come across anything yet which fazes him!

What I'm Worried/Nervous/Stressed About

I can't quite describe my emotions here, but I know that these are the things which are going to be playing on my mind. In no way will it affect the overall experience of my holiday because I won't let it - but that doesn't stop me worrying!

1. The Flight. Now I'm not the best traveller as it is. I get car sick, motion sick, and last time we went to Disney I came down with a sickness bug the morning we were flying. It wasn't a pleasant experience and I even had to buy a new outfit in the airport. Strangely enough, once we'd landed in Florida, I was fine, which makes me think it was stress related! Anyway, without having just myself to worry about, we have a very active 15 month old to occupy for 9 hours. At the moment, he will only sit on you if he is tired or poorly. The rest of the time he battles you to let him free so that he can be running around! We'll make sure our bags are loaded with snacks and toys, but any plane advice, please drop us a comment below!

2. Jet Lag. As well as being the person who gets sick, I'm the one who struggles a lot with sleep too! There's a huge time difference and I know what it's like as an adult! The first couple of days we're wide awake excited at 3am, starving, then at dinner time we're falling asleep in our food. I've been reassured many times that children just seem to cope really well with the time difference, but I'll believe that when I see it!

3. The Heat. We all experienced the hell that was the UK summer heatwave of 2019. We struggled to sleep, were restless and our patience wore very thin very quickly. We'll have the luxury of air con in the hotel room, but making sure Rory stays cool whilst out and about in the parks is a challenge. I think we have the basics covered - plenty of water, several changes of clothes and a Snoozeshade, as well as the cooling towels, so hopefully we'll be prepared and don't end up with a grouchy toddler!

If any one has any tips when it comes to travelling abroad with a baby, please let us know in the comments! Now I'd best go and get packing!

Mommy Davies x


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