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Little Gems Baby Boutique

So Gemma approached us back in September when we had requested for Rory to be a brand rep for her company. Little Gems BB (@littlegemsbb on Instagram) make stunning silicone dummy clips - just what Rory needed! She sent us a free sample along with her gorgeous matching rattle teether, with a discount code to share with our followers. Rory took to it instantly, enjoying the noises his new rattle made, and having a good chew on it now and again!

A few weeks later, after seeing Rory had really taken to his new teether and dummy clip, we decided to place an order with Gemma. She asked if we’d be willing to try a new design she’d got in mind, and of course we said yes! We waited to see what she came up with, and she presented us with an amazing collection! In perfect autumnal colours, a new dummy clip, teething rattle and stag teether was on its way to Rory. His stag teether was a bit bulky to start with, but he now can manipulate it really well, and it is permanently in his change bag so it’s always to hand when we’re out!

In the past couple of months, I’ve really gotten to know Gemma on a personal basis. It’s lovely to hear about her adventures with her children, and how well she’s done for herself going self employed. We’ve spoken at length about school - I’ll always help parents where I can - and generally just supported each other’s Instagram accounts! Gemma very kindly sent me a personalised key chain and teething necklace as a thank you, and yet again I instantly fell in love with them! She knew we had a love for Disney so made Rory an adorable key chain which we added to his change bag.

My teething necklace matches one of Rory’s dummy clips and I love wearing it! They’re multi-functional - you’ve always got a teether to hand, they’re good for soothing breastfed babies, they distract babies who enjoy pulling hair, and I even find I use it myself! I’m one for needing something to fiddle with, extremely if I’m feeling anxious, so it’s perfect!

Firstly, like any small brand, I love being able to support lovely people. I think quite often people forget that each order a customer puts in is going towards someone’s house bills, or is helping to put food on their tables. Supporting small businesses is incredibly important because everything about it becomes personal. But that is what is amazing about Gemma’s brand. She uses her creative flair to put together these wonderful products which are both aesthetic and functional! Each order is custom made, so there’s a reason behind each product she is making for you. Then, because she knows that her life depends on her products being good, that extra care and precision is put in to making them, much more so than mass produced products!

Rory’s dummy clips and teethers get used every single day. As you can imagine, with him crawling around, they can sometimes pick up dust and dirt, but you can easily wash them in warm soapy water and they’re ready to go again. You can also put the teether in the fridge to make it cold to help soothe your baby’s gums. As you can see from the gallery, the teether and dummy clips are made using the same silicone beads, meaning that the dummy clip also doubles up as a teether if you don’t have it to hand! Rory’s often seen crawling around the house with the wrong part of his dummy clip in his mouth!

To put it simply, Little Gems BB is just a lovely brand with some stunning products. We’re yet to scratch the surface with the products she offers, and look forward to using more of her products in the future! She’s just started making beautiful gift sets, a great idea for a new baby. The range of gorgeous colour schemes is just endless!

If you choose to purchase any products, remember to use the code RORY10 to receive a discount.


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