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La Romi

La Romi has, and always will have a special place in our hearts. It’s because of this wonderful brand that we began working with businesses on Instagram! Back in July 2018, Luke randomly came across La Romi on Instagram (@shop.laromi). Back then, both Luke and La Romi were new to Instagram. Luke messaged Romi, saying he loved her products, and bravely asked what he could do to support this small business. For those of you who don’t already follow La Romi - first of all, what are you doing, go and check them out! They make the most gorgeous baby accessories: bibs, blankets, hair bows, turbans - all made to order with over 300 fabrics to choose from!

A few days later, the bib Luke purchased arrived in the post along with some additional gifted items, just in time for our first family holiday! We were instantly in love with them and were already looking to expand Rory’s collection of cool bibs! Luke made an agreement that any time Rory wore one of La Romi’s bibs we would tag them in our posts, and they provided us with a discount code to share. We’ve always said that whenever a brand wants to work with us, they’ll always get a 2 for 1 deal, as we both happily share and engage with the brand, meaning that they also reach more accounts!

After just a few weeks, we became part of a team of brand reps, and La Romi grew very quickly, with customers from literally all over the world! There’s always much more to a brand than just the products. Romi and Matt, the wonderful people behind La Romi are the most genuine, lovely, hard working, kind hearted people you will ever meet. In this short space of time, we’ve got to know them, and are looking forward to meeting them in the near future, along with their baby girl they are expecting later this year! Just to give you even more of an idea of what an amazing brand they are, as well as everything being custom made, 3% of every order goes to charity and all packaging is made from biodegradable plastic or recycled cardboard!

All of the dribble bibs that La Romi make come with a super soft fleece fabric called minky, which has dimples in it. The range of colours you can get is limitless! This forms the back of the dribble bib and is always matched to your patterned fabric you have on the top. If you can think it, there's a fabric for it at La Romi, and if not they will always endeavour to try and find it you! We have had fabric which is now limited edition and only available to purchase in Australia! The top of the bib has a slight curve in it to fit around your baby's neck, and then has 2 poppers on the back, meaning they last even longer! They wash so beautifully and even those that have been worn time and time again come out looking good as new! You can also add a silicone teether to the bib, which again will be colour coordinated, meaning your baby always has a teether to hand!

They make their gorgeous blankets in the same two fabrics and these are available in 2 sizes. We have 4 blankets all together, and Rory has a bib to match each of them! They are super lightweight, but incredibly cosy. We always get lovely comments about Rory's 'unique' blankets which no-one has seen before - the wonders of using small businesses rather than huge companies! There is also a third smaller size of blanket, called a tag blanket. Rory has a Snoopy one and loves holding and playing with it when he's in his pram. It has two teethers on the corners, then lots of small fabric loops with a range of fabrics. This is great for his sensory development. With all of these products, you have the option to have them personalised even further with your baby's name either printed on in vinyl or embroidered!

A great thing they offer is their 'Essentials Bundle'. A perfect gift for a new baby, it has 3 bibs, a blanket, a tag blanket and even a toy strap, all at a discounted price. You just have to message them with your preferences and it'll be made to order! In addition to this, La Romi also make dribble pads for your baby carrier. Just send them the model of your baby carrier, or the dimensions of the straps, and again your order will be totally personalised! For those of you who have little girls, they make the most adorable hair bows and turbans! I can't comment on these too much, but go check out their website and Instagram pages just to see how cute the babies look wearing them!

It’s been 6 months since we first started ‘working’ with La Romi and it’s been an absolute pleasure. Rory still to this day always receives comments about how gorgeous his bibs and blankets are. Custom made products with amazing quality, whilst supporting a small business at the same time = win! It’s been wonderful to watch their brand grow from strength to strength and we can’t wait to continue to share this wonderful adventure with you! Watch out for some exciting collaborations in the near future!

If you wish to place an order with La Romi, please use our code REPRORY10 for a discount!


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