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Once your little one starts putting everything, including their hands into their mouth, you start to question whether it’s them just exploring, or if they’re teething. 99% of the time, it’s the latter. Along with the flushed cheeks, fountain of dribble and the restless nights, it becomes pretty obvious and you’ll do whatever you can to help you all out!

If like me you scoured the Internet for the ‘best teething toys’ you’ll have definitely come across Gummee. This wonderful brand created the world’s first and original teething mitten. In addition to this, Jodine has created a full range of products, including a Molar Mallet for those hard to reach teeth, and even a specially designed larger mitt for those with additional needs!

When we first came across Gummee, Rory was already past the stage of needing a mitten, but Jodine very kindly gifted us a Gummee heart teether - just in time for Valentine’s Day! It is made from food grade silicone and is BPA free. If you do already have a mitten, it can be used with this as a second teether!

When we first introduced the heart teether to Rory, he picked it up instantly and it went straight for his mouth. He knew exactly what it was! It can be chilled in the fridge to help soothe gums even further, which he definitely enjoys! As you can imagine, with an active 9 month old, it is left in all sorts of random places, but it’s no problem as it is conveniently washable using warm soapy water, and can also be heat sterilised.

It’s hard for a baby to understand what’s going on through this incredibly painful process, but it’s important to make it as pain free as possible. The Gummee heart teether does that in a fun way, which makes the teething process that little bit more enjoyable, if that’s at all possible! Rory also has the Gummee Link ’n’ Teethe, which we can connect his heart too. This means that it is great for on the go, and we can attach it to his pram meaning it won’t get lost! Since we've had these awesome Gummee products, Rory hasn't put them down - just check out that photo of him crawling with his heart in his mouth!

I was fascinated to learn more about Jodine and her journey with Gummee, as I have loved following her on Instagram for a while. She kindly gifted me her autobiography Hand To Mouth. It was such an easy read, I couldn’t put it down and read it in about 2 days! It was simply Jodine all over - honest and funny, with the occasional slip of the potty mouth! It was just like watching her stories on Instagram, which proves how much of a genuine person she is! Her passion for everything to do with her business really shone through and it was great to hear how Gummee came about. Her umpteen adventures before, during and after the initial set up of Gummee were great to read, and I still can’t get over how much she managed to do with 2 tiny babies! If you’re looking for an enjoyable read with a cuppa, this is definitely a go to book. This book proves that as long as you have determination, you can do literally anything!

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