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Fathers Day Gift Guide

This is my second Father’s Day being a father and I am proud of the fact that I can be part of a special day which is dedicated to all those amazing dads, grandads and great grandads nationwide. But in the past I have found it hard to buy for my dad and grandad. Typically I would buy some socks, chocolate, alcohol or some novelty gift I found in a local supermarket. But this year is going to be different as I have been looking for gifts which I would love to receive (little hint there, Whitney!) and I believe would be great as gifts this year. Just to make you all aware, all of the items in the gift guide I have been GIFTED (ironically), but I did my best to go through the same ordering process to get the full experience of shopping with the companies. These gifts are also in no particular order, they are all amazing!

Dad and Design (phone case)

First up is one for all those social media dads, those dads with a business phone and those dads who care about their phone. As well as being a great gift, it is also very practical, so check out this amazing personalised mobile phone case by Dad and Design. I came across Dad and Design on Instagram and have followed the growth of their business and range of products, but the mobile phone case really stood out to me. When the case came through the post I was super excited to get it on and into action. I was blown away by the quality of the case itself, let alone the printing job too. But what made this extra special, is that it was made by a Dad for a Dad. Their customer service is outstanding and wanted to ensure everything was perfect.

Crafty Vinyl (twinning t-shirts)

Next up is the fantastic twinning t-shirts for me and Rory deigned by Crafty Vinyl Co. This independent company are based just outside of Leeds and again are a hidden gem on Instagram. I was included throughout the entire design process and they took the time to make multiple designs for me as they always want to produce the perfect product. Twinning t-shirts, I believe, show a strong bond between a father and their children which is why I love these so much. The t-shirts are great quality and cannot wait to get another order in with them.

Pact Coffee (Nespresso Pods)

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I haven’t always been keen on hot drinks. But after receiving some Pact Coffee pods my views on coffee have changed. These coffees are absolutely delicious. You are able to go on and select from a massive range of different coffees that get delivered straight to your door. They can come as beans or as pods, so we got the pods which fit our Nespresso machine. I also now understand why parents can become so reliant on coffee and now start my day with a tasty coffee from Pact.

Little Gems Boutique (Daddy Keyring)

Every dad I know has a big bundle of keys on their keyring, which is why I was so happy to see that LittleGems were creating personalised keyrings for dads. I was always so jealous of Rory’s bag tag he received so I was over the moon to see that I could have my own LittleGems product. A nice touch for any dad to receive and everyone will know you received it from your kids.

Bespoke Golfer (Multitool)

Being a golfer, this is a perfect practical gift. Every golfer always gets cheap gift sets, they usually just go in the garage or handed off as a prize at a club competition. But with this, you really get what you pay for, that is quality. It is the perfect gift for a golfer and I am so happy to be able to put this in my golf bag.

Olive Tree Gifts (Fathers day gifts)

My final few gifts are from local brands to me, which makes them even more special. Firstly are my amazing adventure accessories from Olive Tree Gifts. I have already had some amazing adventures as a dad but of course our biggest adventure so far is coming this summer. So having my own little savings box will let me treat myself while out in Florida. But then after returning I will be able to use the ingenious scratch map to show exactly where I have been. The photo frame will be able to take centre stage in our living room, showcasing a great memory we shared together on our adventure. Also from Olive Tree Gifts is the ‘Reserved for Dad’ pillow and mug. Of course when children come along they have the pick of where they sit, but now with this pillow I can have my own spot, I just hope this isn’t found in the garage. The mug couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, as I am now a coffee drinker, I have my first Dad mug which will be perfect to enjoy that morning coffee.

Shiny Cow (Rory Mcilroy & Golf Print)

Across Instagram there are so many companies that produce all different types of prints. But this is the only one I have found that produce foil prints, and look how amazing they are! Shiny Cow got these prints spot on. Having a print of a golfer with words which mean the most to me as a Dad and then a very special print of Rory McIlroy really shows off what they can do. They are extremely talented and I am sure they could create you your perfect gift too.

So that concludes my Father’s Day gift guide for 2019. I hope you got some great ideas from it and I can’t wait to hear off all of those dads who received some amazing gifts this year. Please let me know in the comments if you choose to purchase a gift from any of these amazing companies. It’s more important now than ever to support small businesses, so I’d really appreciate in hearing if you end up supporting them!


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