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Essential Luxuries

Hi everyone! I've had a few Mums to be message me to write a blog post about an essential kit list to ensure you're fully prepared when your baby arrives. Now when I was pregnant, I read every article I could to ensure we had everything, but they all said the same thing. So I'm sure that combined with your online research and advice given to you by others, you already have a list as long as your arm! The purpose of this blog post is to hopefully help you with the things you haven't thought about, or if you've been debating on whether to get something, this blog post convinces you to get it!

I've listed them, with a little description with each, but if you have any questions about them, just drop me a comment at the bottom! As the title says, they're luxuries, but I consider them essentials! They are in no particular order, just as I think of something to add to the list!

Lip balm in your hospital bag

Now I mentioned this one in a previous blog post, but if you choose to use gas and air whilst in labour, then this will be a godsend!

Next to me crib

This was one of those things we weren't going to buy, but are so glad we did! In fact, we actually had it as a Christmas present. We had the Babylo Cozi sleeper, which cost £90 from Babies R Us (before it sadly closed!) - don't worry other places sell it too. You can get other brands but after doing some research this one was just as good as the ones which were twice the price. The thought of carrying the Moses basket up and downstairs every day for 6 months seemed a bit excessive, and when I came home after having to have a Caesarean it was so useful. I could pull myself up out of bed to feed Rory etc. and it meant that when Luke went back to work, I could still look after us both (just about!). One of these should definitely be on your list.

Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine

If you've read my previous posts, you'll have heard about my breastfeeding story. All I can say is 'Thank goodness for next day delivery!'. I'd heard about them before and knew that if I was ever unsuccessful with breastfeeding, then one of these would be in my online basket in an instant. They're quite easy to pick up so I didn't feel the need to buy one 'just in case'. We bought the original model for £59 from John Lewis. I've since compared it to the new Day and Night model, and for the sake of a quieter beep and a night light, I couldn't justify paying the extra £70! We swore by it from day 1, and even bought another one second hand from Shpock to go upstairs and speed up the night feeding process! They're so incredibly simple to use, and are also a lot less faff than waiting for boiled water to cool down! An absolute must buy for bottle feeding Mums.


Otherwise named by some people I know as 'the circle of neglect', the jumperoo was definitely a worthwhile investment. We have the Bright Starts Disney's Finding Nemo one (naturally!) and got it for a bargain £60 from TK Maxx. Now I've had it for a few months, I'd have paid the full £120 it should have been if I'm honest. We were obviously watching the pennies, and were looking for one second hand, but they weren't much cheaper, then when we found this offer we snatched it up in seconds. Rory has spent so much time in it, he absolutely loves it! It gives you those few minutes of relief so you can enjoy a cup of tea or get some housework done. They're having fun, and are safe at the same time, so win win!

Isofix base

This was another necessity after having my Caesarean. Now guidelines say you're not allowed to drive for 6 weeks after your surgery. I stuck to this, but if you feel safe to drive, you just have to inform your insurance provider. Once those 6 weeks were up I finally had my independence back, but had to remember I'd had a very serious procedure. The isofix base meant that when taking Rory out, I could carry him in his car seat into the car, and it literally just clicked safely in place, rather than leaning over trying to fasten the seat belt round. If you've already bought your pram/travel system, just check which isofix bases are not only compatible with your car seat, but also your car!

Baby monitor

Believe it or not, this was one of the hardest purchases we made, spending hours researching on the best one to get! We eventually decided on the Motorola MBP36XL monitor. It has lots of amazing features, which most of we don't even use, but the main selling point was the HUGE screen! It is easily portable so we took it away on holiday with us and it even has built in sounds to help soothe the baby! You can't see it from the image, but it comes with an attachment so you can place it pretty much anywhere. Ours is wrapped around the curtain pole so it looks down into Rory's cot!

E-zzy the sloth

So, as most parents to be will have read, having a white noise machine is so useful to help settle your child. We'd originally been recommended Ewan the Dream Sheep, which to start with worked for us perfectly. We found that the battery life wasn't brilliant though and was quickly losing its effect. We were introduced to the wonderful company Whisbear when Rory was a few months old. They have a range of products for different budgets, but we feel paying the £99 for E-zzy the sloth, their newest model is definitely worth it. So rather than white noise, Whisbear products use pink noise which is more soothing for the baby. It has a cry sensor and can also be app controlled. The best part is that it charges with a plug, so no forking out on batteries all the time! This product truly works wonders - it settles Rory even in the middle of the night. We've had a much better sleeper since using it and was a great help when transitioning Rory into his own room. Believe it or not, I'm that used to the soothing sounds, I now struggle to fall asleep myself without hearing it! We also have their mini portable version, Whisbird, which is permanently attached to Rory's pram. This was just £30, and you turn it on and off with a simple press of a button, but again it's great when you're out and about and you need your little ones to settle!

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Bin

This is a bit of a random one, and like most things online, when you read up on them, the reviews are regularly mixed so it confuses you even more. We bought one of these when there was a crazy deal on Amazon. We got the bin and 4 refills for £10 when we signed up to the Amazon Baby Wish List. It always seems to be on offer somewhere though! There are variations of this product, but basically it means you can dispose of your baby's nappies without using a nappy sack and then carrying it through the house to the outside bin. Once the bin fills up, you simply take the bag out and put it in the bin. It looks a bit like when you have sausages and there's a twist between each one! The main thing people complained about was the fact that it would make the nursery smell. Well I can promise you it doesn't, and it probably gets emptied about once a week - so that's a lot of nappies! On the rare occasion there is a major smelly explosion, I do tend to still put it in a nappy sack for extra protection, but it's not necessarily required!

Top tips

  • If you think it is going to help you or make your life easier in any way - get it. You need anything to help you through those tough times!

  • Try and make the most of events such as Black Friday when you can get great discounts. But remember to shop around because you'll be surprised what places have the best offers! This includes the millions of baby events that the supermarkets all run.

  • If you can attend a baby event whilst you're pregnant, get to one because they offer some crazy discounts on big products including prams and nursery furniture!

If you have any questions about any of the products I've mentioned, don't hesitate to drop me a message!

Mommy Davies x


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