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Disney - one for the dads!

Now I know a lot of you think we are mad for attempting to take a 1 year old to Florida for 2 weeks, but we are doing it anyway! I cannot wait to get back out to Disney and experience it as a dad, sharing everything I love about it with Rory and hoping he gets the Disney bug too. This blog is the first part of a few on the build up to our holiday to Disney in August. I am kicking off the Disney series with a dad’s perspective on staying in the resort for 2 weeks and why its so amazing!


The first thing I always tell any dad about is the food, the quality of the food, the endless choices of restaurants and the incredible portion sizes. I have no way of describing how good the food actually is, but I think that you can sense the excitement while you’re reading this. Steak, burgers, pizza, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, OH MY GOD THERE IS SO MUCH FOOD. When we go we have the upgraded dining plan, now to break this down for you that includes; 1 sit down meal, 1 counter service meal and 2 snacks per day. Now this may not sound a lot, but I promise you that it is 100% enough to keep me going for the 2 weeks and we will more than likely end up with credits left at the end of the holiday to fill our cases with sweets.

Magic Bands

So every resort member gets themselves a Disney magic band. “What is that Luke?” I hear you saying. The only way I can describe this, is that it is an Apple Watch which can only be used within the park. It keeps track of your entire holiday with how many meals you have left, your fast passes for the rides, your room key, your credit card, your park tickets and your photo pass. As a Disney lover I know I will be upgrading my magic band to a Toy Story 4 magic band as soon as I get there. But imagine the excitement when I know I only have to leave the hotel room with my phone (and half the room for Rory). I know there a lot of dads out there who will agree with me in saying “that is one amazing piece of kit!”.


Final thing I am going to talk to you about is spending money. I know we have already spent a bit of money on going to Florida (this will be discussed in another blog), but when heading over to the States you know you have to hit the outlet shopping. This year I have a feeling we will be doing more shopping in the park with Rory but I still have my heart set on a few bits from the outlet malls. I know what you’re thinking, “go and buy trainers from Nike because they are crazy cheap”, oh go on then, you’ve twisted my arm! But I will also be making my standard purchase of Oakley’s and some golf attire. I am unfortunately a typical dad when it comes to shopping now and always end up buying the same types of stuff, but I love it and it is always a welcomed break from the crazy Disney life.

These are just 3 things I am excited about for Florida, but that’s not all. There will be a lot more to talk about on the build up to this amazing holiday so watch out for the next blog in the Disney 2019 series.

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