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So we are back home from another fabulous trip to Walt Disney World (WDW), and here is the first blog ‘post trip’. This trip marked my 9th visit to WDW, but my 1st as a mom. Up until this point, I felt like I had become a bit of a Disney pro, knowing lots of the ins and outs of the parks to benefit our trip as much as possible. However, this time round, I learnt a lot more things about being a mom at Disney!

Chub Rub

Not the most glamorous to start with, but definitely the one which had the biggest impact on me! Since my last visit 3 years ago, I have clearly put on some weight as it was something I’d never experienced out there before. At home when it’s hot, the shorts in my wardrobe have always sufficed, but not this year! I thought taking a few pairs of floaty shorts would be perfect to cope with the heat…boy was I wrong! I’d barely made it out of the hotel lobby on day 1 before my thighs were rubbing! Each day I tried a different pair of shorts, but found no improvement for my poor legs! There was just one pair which did the trick, and guess what, they went from being my least to most favourite pair of shorts overnight, and I lived in them for the rest of the holiday! It even got to the point that the playsuits I’d bought to wear out for the evenings ended up being fashioned with my pinstripe shorts! So my first piece of advice is wear your shorts around the house a bit before you pack…if there’s any chance your thighs may rub, get another pair or be prepared! My only preparation came in the form of Asda’s Liquid Talc, which seems to have turned to gold dust this summer! This 87p bottle of magic did do the trick for the first few days, but if I’m honest, in that Florida humidity, I was sweating it off as quickly as I was applying it, and there’s no glamorous way of doing that!

Mum Bun & Make Up

Day 1 of the holiday, I left the hotel room with a full face of make up, my hair in a pony which I had curled, donning my Minnie ears from Life’s Tales (lifes.tales on Instagram - check them out for all of your Disney holiday accessories!). I felt confident in how I looked. The only problem was, was that by the time we’d reached the park at 7:30am, I wondered why I’d bothered spending that time getting ready. My make up was already melting off my face and my hair had already become a frizzy mess which was then sticking to the back of my neck! Days 2-14 of the holiday, I moisturised and flung my hair up into either a bun or clip. I soon came to realise that not only was it way too hot to be doing my hair and make up each morning, it was a waste of time because it didn’t last 30 seconds! I’ve been make up free for 2 weeks now and my skin feels great. Not putting any heat to my hair either has meant it’s had some great TLC too. Also, believe it or not…nobody really cares what you look like around Disney. Everyone is so consumed in having an amazing time with their family and friends (ourselves included) you don’t notice those things. If anything, you spot someone because of their cool hat or matching family t-shirts!

A Change In Priorities

I’ve always enjoyed all of the rides at Disney and do all of the rollercoasters. My mom doesn’t do the big rides so when we first booked the holiday, we said ‘oh that’s great, mom can potter around the shops with Rory whilst we go on the big rides!’. But when it came to it this year, I just felt part of me couldn’t be bothered to ride them! There were a few occasions where we did a rider switch (I’ll discuss how this works in a later blog post including lots of Disney tips!) but for a lot of the rides, I decided to stay off with my mom and Rory. I loved it; just watching him soak up all of the atmosphere and chatting away to everyone who walked past. Some of our favourite memories from our holiday were when he was just wandering around interacting with whoever and whatever he could! Those moments when we weren’t marching round to the next ride or show, those little moments, are the ones that always get forgotten too quickly.

Our itinerary was structured completely differently this year too due to us having Rory. First of all, we had to be more conscientious about our meal times and meal choices, purely so that he could join us for food and share what we had. We incorporated a lot more breakfast and lunch table service meals into our plans for the first few days to help with the transition of jet lag, but he adjusted really well and always ate best at our evening meals (another blog will be up about our dining experience with the Disney Dining Plan!). Also this time round, with a toddler, we used a lot of our FastPasses and meal credits to interact with the characters. Before having Rory, we still used to have meals with the characters, and do meet and greets with them. However, when you bring an adorable toddler into the mix, the interactions are a million times better! Check out our IGTV and Instagram posts to see what I mean (there will be more coming in the coming weeks too!).

Overall, Disney is so much better as a mom! Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work and I’m incredibly thankful to my amazing family who were there to support us, but seeing the magic through your child’s eyes is like no other. So to all you mommas out there who are planning a trip to Disney -

1. Prepare yourself if you’re secretly a mermaid!

2. Don’t worry about what you look like!

3. Take time to soak it all in!

If you haven’t already done so, please go and check out our posts and IGTVs from our holiday (@mommy_davies and @daddy_davies) and let me know in the comments what else you’d like to see here in our Disney series!Keep an eye out for the next posts both on here and Instagram!

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