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Dadmin - Vol.1, The Nursery

The first bit of dadmin I was excited about doing was definitely the nursery. Being able to create a room that he will remember as his first bedroom I think is an important job. I also wanted to build it all myself. To be able to say I built my son's furniture myself was something to be proud of (sad I know), but I am so glad that's what I did.

We visited all of the usual stores to find the nursery furniture and finally decided on Mamas and Papas for the main furniture. We chose the Franklin set which consisted of a wardrobe, set of drawers with a changing table and a cot bed. As soon as we saw it in store we knew we wanted it and at this point what we wanted for the nursery, we got! We felt the price was quite reasonable for the quality of the product and that its big enough to last him for years. It took me just over 4 hours to build it all, yes I am a flatpack master, and it was so easy to put together. We are both so happy with it and it looks so nice in Rory's room.

The next step in our nursery adventure was to find storage to keep his room nice and tidy. We were determined to get Rory a toy box which had his name on, cushioned top and big enough for ALL of his toys. I guess 2 out of 3 isn't bad though from Rosie's World, who in the entire world has a toy box big enough for ALL of their children's toys?! After contacting them through Instagram, it was clear that they really care about their service and their customers. We knew the quality was good as our friends also had the same toy boxes and they only have the best! We then kindly got gifted a matching, personalised rocking chair for Rory. They have such a wide selection on their website, and if we could fit it in Rory's nursery, we would have it all! Do not hesitate to check out their website and message them with any questions. Click the picture below to see the products on their website.

Obviously we didn't just stop there though, we didn't want to leave the walls bare and have no curtains, so we set out to decorate the room. With multiple trips to TK Maxx, Asda and a whole host of other stores, we finally picked out the other accessories. Along with the decorations came more storage for odd bits and his laundry. Below I have done a list of where everything came from:

Curtains and bedding - Asda

Sass and Belle Sweet Dreams collection (cloud and star products) - Olive Tree Gifts (gifted)

Star Baskets - TK Maxx

Disney prints - Etsy download

Frames - The Range

Mickey head print - Shiny Cow

I don't think I will ever be 100% satisfied, because I am terrible for wanting to rearrange and think of new ideas. Also as he gets older, things will obviously change, but Rory's room is by far the best room in the house! I hope you have enjoyed reading about our nursery, if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask. Also don't forget to subscribe to get the next volume of dadmin!

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