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Professional photos of your baby. Everyone wants them. Everyone feels they have to have them. Long gone are the days of the Watch Me Grow schemes at Olan Mills. Although that doesn't really matter anymore as there is an abundance of photographers everywhere, all offering various packages for photo shoots of your baby. I was bought a newborn photoshoot as a gift for Rory when he was born. If we hadn't have had that, we probably wouldn't have had one as it was an expense we couldn't justify at the time. I'm so glad we did though, and I jumps at the chance of having professional photos of Rory as often as possible. No matter how hard you try, unless you have the proper equipment and skills, you'll never achieve those same type of photos.

That's why I jumped at the chance when Charlotte put out an advert for a model call. A budding photographer wanting to set up her business, she was looking for models to build up her portfolio in exchange for a couple of free images. Free professional photos just to take Rory out for an hour? Seemed easy and was a win win! It ended up being so much more than that and I'm so glad I messaged Charlotte when I did.

It was back in November 2018, and Rory was to be modelling the Christmas display she had arranged. I took 3 different outfits that I had for him (because, come on, it's baby's first Christmas, he's going to have tonnes of special Christmassy clothes!) and headed for the 30 minute photoshoot. Charlotte welcomed us into her cosy home and we got started straight away. There was a gorgeous sleigh and mini snowy Christmas tree to set the theme. Rory was loving it, sitting and smiling so proudly. He'd also just learnt to clap so would often give himself a round of applause for being so good! In the end, we were there for over an hour because Charlotte said how photogenic and easy he was to photograph (cue proud Mom moment!) It was a really relaxed environment, where I was made to feel welcome and could really get involved with the shoot. At the end of the shoot, we looked through the digital gallery and it was evident we weren't going to be able to pick just two photos! There was a package deal on at the time to purchase additional photos, and the prices were very reasonable in comparison to other local photographers. The final edited images were with me in a matter of days, and I picked up a disc with the photos a week later.

A couple of months later, Charlotte approached me again asking if I would mind Rory modelling a new set up for Easter, and of course I jumped at the chance! We went and modelled two different set ups on two different occasions. This time it was much harder as Rory just wanted to crawl around everywhere! Charlotte was really patient and distracted him in various ways to keep him happy. It didn't phase her or deter her from getting some great shots. Again, as I think you'll see from the pictures, Rory pulled it off again!

Charlotte is offering a range of photoshoots from newborn to cake smash, themed shoots and much more! As a photographer she is very minimalistic with her props and backdrops, as she wants to make your baby the star of the photograph, naturally!

Charlotte's contact details are below, so if you're looking for some lovely photos of your little one, in a relaxed environment with very well priced images...oh and you live in the Tamworth area, then check her out!

Instagram - charlottejadephotography_

Facebook - Charlotte Jade Photography

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