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Bodega Cantina

Luke and I have always been big fans of going out for lunch or dinner, so when we were invited to visit Bodega Cantina in Birmingham, we were really excited! As parents, it’s important for us to find places which cater well for children so that we can enjoy family time with Rory, and Bodega certainly didn’t disappoint.

We decided to celebrate my first Mother’s Day here, and we’re so glad we did. It was a new dining experience for us which was really enjoyable. The staff there, especially Joe, couldn’t be more helpful and welcoming if they tried. They ensured we had everything we needed for both us and Rory, and we felt instantly relaxed.

The menu at Bodega is vast, with several both vegan and gluten free options available. We had the choice of street food, small plates, or large plates, so decided to try something from each between us. Luke and I will often go to restaurants and eat ‘family style’ so it was nice to be able to sample a lot of the menu. Here is a breakdown of what we shared.

Street Food

Our Famous Homemade Nachos (v)

They certainly live up to their name! You can have them with additional toppings, but we chose the classic nachos and they were amazing! They were loaded with everything you’d expect, including salsa, guacamole, sour cream and jalapeños. Normally when you have nachos in a restaurant, they can go quite soggy but these were perfectly crisp, and very moreish!

Street Food


Again, these came with varying options, but we went for the Dr Pepper marinated pork quesadilla. This dish was by far my favourite - they were just delicious! It was a soft tortilla loaded with melted cheese and the pork. The pork was really tender, and it was just a great combination of flavours and textures! When we visit again, I will definitely be ordering one of these just for myself!

Small Plates

Mexican Cola Wings (gf)

If you know Luke, he is a big fan of chicken wings, so it was unsurprising that they were his favourite dish. They were also some of the best wings both of us have ever tasted! They were loaded with meat, covered in sauce, and were so tasty. I used the sauce to finish off my sweet potato fries and wanted to have some put in a bottle to take home!

Large Plates

Bodega’s Halloumi Burger (v)

After enjoying absolutely everything we had tasted so far, we were both pretty full when we got to the halloumi burger. It was a twist on a traditional burger which was exciting! The halloumi was breaded, and wrapped in a tortilla, which is great for me as I often get too full from eating the bread on a burger. It was accompanied with a spicy coleslaw and sweet potato fries - always a firm favourite, and nice to have because normally in restaurants they come at an additional cost. I probably didn’t enjoy this one as much as I’d have liked, but that’s probably because I was so full!


Jalapos (v)

These came out looking like giant potato croquettes, but were actually jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese. Luke ordered these for himself as I don’t like them, but he really enjoyed them. They were a great addition as a side order and he said they would be great ordered alongside some nachos!

Rory has doing really well with his weaning journey so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for him to try his first children’s meal whilst out with us! I love the fact that the niños menu mirrors the adults menu, meaning that the children can really embrace the theme of the restaurant, without the spice! Rory had a Pizzadilla, which was a pizza with a tortilla wrap base. It was accompanied with sweet potato fries, something he had never tried before. He instantly loved them and not only devoured all of his, but tried to eat some of mine too! All of the children’s meals come with a dessert too, so he had a small amount of ice cream, what a treat!

We were very kindly gifted this meal, but in total (including one soft drink each) the bill came to £43, which for a family of three, and the amount of dishes we had between us was very impressive!

The atmosphere in there was great. You felt you could soak up some of the Brazilian vibes without it being too overwhelming or distracting. Rory loved all of the bright colours and lights which kept him distracted for a while! It’s great knowing we can take Rory somewhere like this, and will certainly be back again in the future!

Keep an eye out for various offers Bodega publish, for example kids can eat for free in the school holidays!


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