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So after talking about bedtime over on my Instagram, I had a few people asking me for more information on our routine. Now when you read this, please remember I am not an expert and I don't claim that our routine is the right way to do it. This is just what works for us, but I hope you find some of it useful. Also times are there as guidelines, sometimes they will differ because you can't ALWAYS have it exactly the same.

Now, our bedtime routine usually begins around 6:30. This is when we tend to head upstairs, after he has had some dinner and burnt off some energy downstairs. What I like about going upstairs at this time is there is no TV, only toys and books. We don't bath Rory every night, but if it's a night we do, then we will bath him at this time. Bath time for us is just as much playtime as actually washing, he loves to splash about, move around and play with his toys. We do plenty of moving around, burning off any last bits of energy and pick out PJs.

At around 7:00pm (ish) is when we get Rory into his PJs. Sometimes he has his bottle straight away, others he'll have a bit more playtime. It just depends how he is. We aren't ones for putting him down to sleep if he's not ready. This can be down to previous night's sleep, naps, food, what he's done in the day, anything can be a factor. After all he is human and sometimes we are tired and sometimes we are not.

So Rory has burnt off those last bits of energy, we have had a story or 2, or 10 - it's now time for his last bottle of the day. He goes through stages with this bottle, some days he smashes it and knocks himself into state of milk drunk, other times he has a couple of ounces and just knows it's time to head to bed. Although, 9 times out of 10 Rory is put into his cot awake and falls asleep himself. We feel that we are very lucky he does this, he doesn't need much comforting (unless he's poorly) and will happily lie in his bed with a comforter until he falls asleep.

This is now my favourite part of the routine, we get to head downstairs, turn the monitor on and spend some time as a couple. Watch some TV, eat some junk food and relax.

Rory's nursery is a very calm and relaxing room, by far the most chilled room in the house. We don't have specific PJs, he sometimes wears a baby grow and other times wears normal PJs. He has a night light that is pretty dim and we have started closing the door pretty much all the way. Rory has a normal baby sleeping bag, but the secret weapon is E-zzy the Sloth, aka, Sid. Now if you have read our previous blogs, there has been a review on the Whisbear products. Sid is our app controlled, cry sensored, pink noise machine. If you haven't read it, then I would recommended going and reading our review on this amazing product!

Now like I said at the start, we are not experts, we are not perfect and we don't claim to have nailed bedtime at all. We still have our rough nights which results in me reaching my stand goal before my alarm goes off. But this tends to be the routine we stick to. I know it's brief but if you have any questions about it then please don't hesitate to get in touch and we would both be happy to answer them!


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