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Babysense Baby Monitor

We were lucky enough to have been gifted a Babysense video monitor a few months ago. When it comes to baby monitors, it is an absolute minefield! There are so many to look through, different functions, cost, camera quality, the list is endless.

When the monitor arrived, I was really happy with the packaging, it was really simple and user friendly. I got it out of the packaging and it looked great, we had the set with 2 cameras and the video monitor.

We have used this monitor now for 3 months and we haven’t had any big problems with it. At first, we had a couple of connection issues, but they sorted themselves out pretty quickly, and since then…no problems! We have had temporary connection issues with other monitors we’ve had in the past as well, so we didn’t see it as a negative. It is also an easy device to set up and even easier to use, from box to use in 5 minutes!

Let’s talk quality….it’s awesome! I am yet to see a baby monitor, in this price range, with such high camera quality. The images are really clear and it has a good microphone, picking up even the quietest of sounds. With the luxury of having 2 cameras, we can see Rory at both ends of his cot. This has been one of the best features for us, as he likes to move around a lot in his sleep! It also includes the night setting, it’s as clear as it is in the daytime, which is good as we use it mostly at night. The sound quality is also very clear, with 2-way microphones too, but who uses that? Wouldn’t it freak out babies hearing our voices coming from a camera?!

With all technology products, there are always things that people don’t like. With the Babysense video monitor, there aren’t many things I would want to change. When it comes to baby monitors, I am easily pleased. The only thing I would have liked is a bigger screen, with such a small screen, we have to keep it quite close to see what is going on in Rory’s room. But apart from that, without it doubling the cost, I can’t think of anything else I would want to change.

All in all, the Babysense Monitor is a high quality, reasonably priced baby monitor. I would recommend it to all parents and glad that we have it set up in Rory’s room.

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