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And I'm Feeling Good!

Before you start reading, this is a blog about me and my journey to feeling great with guidance, support and accountability from Dan (@musclefitnessuk). I offered to write this blog for Dan as I am so happy with my progress and my journey.

So after Christmas and pre-lockdown, I realised that I really wasn’t happy with how I looked, how I felt in myself and I needed to do something about it. I didn’t have an expectation of myself to become a 32 waist again and have a six pack, but just to look in the mirror and think “that’s better”. This would also make me feel better with my mental health, feel more confident and all in all, happier!

I had tried on my own before, but I always need to have a goal which is unavoidable or someone to hold me accountable. For example, last year I ran the Coventry Half Marathon, which forced me to get out and train and I didn’t want to drop out so had to get on with it. But I haven’t ran since, so over a year ago now since I last went for a run! I was always happy with my daily step count, generally active and even turned to carrying my golf bag a lot more than before. I downloaded MyFitnessPal and meal planned, but still I couldn’t get it right on my own.

I had seen a few people had worked with Dan before, had great results and he seemed a nice guy to work with too. I had followed him for a while, and if I am honest, I was intimidated by his stories etc until I actually started talking to him. When we got chatting, it was obvious that it wasn’t all muscle and shredding, but he had some amazing ideas for me to get into shape, physically and mentally! I explained to Dan that I wanted to feel better in myself, I didn’t need to lose a big amount of weight, but I wasn’t happy with how I looked. Dan fully understood this and we got to work!

We had our own little WhatsApp chat, which got me the accountability, as well as a big group one. I used the individual one more as I felt more comfortable chatting to Dan and other coaches on my own. With a simple weekly check in survey, they could get a real picture of how I was feeling, but this didn’t mean I couldn’t message in-between. I wasn’t judged for some of the most ridiculous questions I asked and everything was answered in a way I could understand. Also I was given some very handy resources which we used at home A LOT!

Within a couple of weeks, I saw changes, I was consistently held accountable and knew I was on the right path. A lot of you know that I love my food and I didn’t want to cut it all out, and wasn’t judged for this, but we had numerous discussions about moderation, moderation and more moderation. I had started to lose weight, I did weigh myself, but preferred to be able to try different clothes on and see how I looked in them. Was a t-shirt too tight? Have I moved down a belt notch? Can I fit in those old golf trousers?

After the 12 week programme, I was feeling awesome in myself, genuinely awesome. To the point that people were mentioning to me that I was looking better, slimmer, more confident. I was walking taller, being more active with Rory and had the motivation to do more around the house. We finished up with a call at the end of the 12 weeks where we discussed our progress, but I loved the fact that Dan asked how he did. Not only did we discuss physical and mental health, we discussed family life, work and so much more. I came away from that call and the 12 week programme with my head held high and had met someone who helped me be a better, friend, husband and dad.


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